About Coaching

Life Coaching is for individuals seeking more and better for their lives. In coaching, you are the expert. You bring the agenda and identify what is important to you. Your coach will provide a process and framework to help you identify goals, think creatively and overcome barriers. Coaching is a gateway toward achieving more balance in your life; you determine what that balance looks like.

Coaches can help you ask the right questions so you find your own solutions to the challenges you face. Through coaching, you can bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Through coaching you can:

  • Develop and achieve personal goals
  • Strengthen skills related to decision-making, prioritizing, problem-solving and organization
  • Increase self-awareness, including the discovery of your strengths and talents
  • Identify and protect your top needs and values
  • Learn methods for effectively managing stress
  • Gain insights that improve your relationships with others
  • Apply techniques for staying healthy and balanced in your life
  • Improve your sense of life balance

Find Balance In Your Life

Board Certified Life Coach Kerry Loy incorporates many tools and techniques into her coaching sessions. Loy’s coaching model focuses on the inherent worth, strengths and creativity of every human being. As such, the process she uses with each client is customized to their unique strengths. Kerry’s Top Five exercise helps individuals identify and make decisions that protect their highest needs and values. To maximize creative expression, Loy may apply art or music coaching techniques. A common tool in Life Coaching at Centerstone is the Life Balance Wheel. To experiment with the Life Balance Wheel, click here.

Coaching v. Therapy

Unlike therapy, coaching is based on a wellness model that is possibility-focused rather than problem-focused. While therapy is typically retrospective, coaching focuses on the future, on where you want to go. In the way that therapy emphasizes healing, coaching emphasizes balance and creativity. Like therapy, coaching is private, non-judgmental and relationship-based. In coaching, though, you are the expert, not your coach.

Since coaching is about investing in yourself and maximizing your strengths, anyone can benefit from the process. Whether you are facing a transition, pursing balance or seeking inspiration, Life Coaching at Centerstone is a valuable resource to help you gain valuable insights for living with more purpose and direction.
For individuals seeking mental health treatment or assistance with addiction, therapy can be very effective. Therapy and counseling services are available at multiple Centerstone locations. For more information, visit Centerstone.org or call 888.291.HELP (4357) in Tennessee or 800.344.8802 in Indiana.

Who Can Benefit From Coaching?

Coaching has a history of helping people with great strengths and potential. It became popular in the later part of the 20th century as a way for professionals to fine tune their strengths, prioritize goals and manage their personal lives. Life Coaching at Centerstone offers the following specialized coaching services.

Because Life Coaching services at Centerstone are available in-office or by phone, text, online chat or Skype, anyone around the world can start the coaching process.