Coaching for Students with ADD/ADHD

ADHD/ADD Coaching is a minimum six-month commitment toward living life with more organization, follow-through and success. It is designed for students who are motivated to change but are overwhelmed, stuck or immobilized by symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder/Attention Deficit Disorder. (Formal diagnosis is not necessary to benefit from the program). The ADHD/ADD Coaching process helps individuals identify goals and move deliberately toward them. Students who commit to the framework and steps outlined below are typically more organized, have better follow-through and are able to plan more purposefully for themselves as a result of the program.

The Process

Phase 1:  Preparing
The objective of this phase is to familiarize yourself with class syllabi, create a semester calendar and establish a system for organizing, studying and meeting deadlines. (Average length of phase: 1-3 weeks).
Steps of Phase 1:

  • You will review class syllabi and semester schedules with your coach, creating a calendar of due dates and campus events.
  • You will identify and schedule times to study and work on assignments.
  • You will note on a calendar other important information, such as hours and phone numbers for the library and other campus services.
  • You will gather materials needed for the semester and establish storage locations and systems for organizing notebooks, book bags, study areas and living space.


Phase 2:  Implementing
The objective of this phase is to consistently work and refine the systems you created in Phase 1. (Average length of phase: 1-4 months).
Steps of Phase 2:

  • You will consistently update your calendar/schedule as new events or assignments arise.
  • You will create reminders for yourself.
  • You will gather needed materials for study and class.
  • You will keep your scheduled study and assignment times.
  • You will proactively follow up with instructors regarding any academic challenges or questions.
  • You will implement a triage system provided by your coach for prioritizing tasks.
  • You will create daily/weekly task lists, notifying your coach upon completion of key tasks.
  • You will identify potential barriers to task completion and develop and implement strategies to work around them.


Phase 3:  Maintaining
The objective or this phase is to maintain the progress achieved in Phase 2 and move toward greater independence, continuing the skills and systems developed with your coach in Phases 1 and 2. (Average length of phase: 1-3+ months).
Steps of Phase 3:

  • You will maintain your organizational system(s), making modifications as needed.
  • You will continue to notify your coach of successes, barriers and changes to organizational systems.
  • You will solve problems and adapt to changing school requirements as they arise.
  • You will maintain progress with minimal prompting from your coach, moving toward independence.

What Kind of Commitment is Involved?

Your Commitment

  • You will commit to engaging in four coaching sessions per month by phone, Skype or in person (Nashville, Tenn. area).
  • You will commit to setting and meeting weekly goals with your coach.
  • You will commit to completing daily tasks toward your goals and reporting completion of these tasks to your coach.
  • You will commit to a better way of life for yourself.


Your Coach’s Commitment

  • Accessibility.  Your coach will be available for up to daily contact during normal business hours Monday through Friday, and other agreed upon times as necessary.
  • Accountability. Your coach will hold you accountable for tasks and deadlines.
  • Privacy. Your coach will respect your information with privacy and discretion.
  • Belief. Your coach will believe in you and the goals you set for yourself.
  • Compassion. Recognizing that this is not an easy process, your coach will relate to you with compassion and affirmation.
  • Vision Carrier. Your coach will uphold your vision of your best self.

What Does it Cost?

Life Coaching at Centerstone offers a free consultation for coaching services. After that, your first session is just $50. If you decide you want to continue, Life Coaching at Centerstone offers a number of service packages with pricing options related to the length of sessions, frequency of sessions, duration of the commitment and communications outside of sessions. Your coach will explain this more during the consultation.

Is ADD/ADHD Coaching for you? Ask yourself...

  • How much are my ADD/ADHD symptoms interfering with my life?
  • What impact do my symptoms have on my grades?
  • Do I turn in assignments late, ask for extensions or receive lower grades for work that’s not my best?
  • Are my relationships with others affected by my lack of focus and follow-through?
  • Do I feel overwhelmed by my workload or have trouble concentrating and prioritizing tasks?
  • What is the cost if I do not commit to change?
  • Can I afford NOT to make a change?

Expected outcomes of ADD/ADHD Coaching

  • Improved organizational skills and study habits
  • Improved follow-through on assignments
  • Improved problem solving skills
  • Improved communication with instructors
  • Improved relationships with parents