Life Transitions Coaching

Life Transitions Coaching is designed for individuals seeking to live with more purpose, direction and balance. The process and framework of the coaching is most beneficial for adults who are motivated to change and are ready to invest in themselves, identify goals and move deliberately toward them. Clients who commit to the framework and steps outlined below typically navigate life transitions more intentionally, follow through with their goals more effectively are able to plan more purposefully for themselves as a result of the program.

The Process

Phase 1: Beginning
The objective of this phase is to establish a clear picture of the current transition and your opportunities, strengths, barriers and challenges. (Average length of phase: 1-3 sessions).
Steps of Phase 1:

  • You will provide foundational information to your coach regarding the transition you are facing.
  • You will identify your Top Five needs and values using an assessment tool that your coach will provide. These needs and values will be respected and upheld throughout the coaching process.
  • You will establish the initial goals and desires you have for yourself during this transition.

Phase 2: Creating
The objective of this phase is to create a vision, develop a plan and begin its implementation. (Average length of phase: 1-6 months).
Steps of Phase 2:

  • With your coach, You will explore different options for your future.
  • You will work with your coach to create a vision and a mission statement for your future.
  • You will identify specific tasks and develop a long-term and short-term plan for the achievement of your vision.

Phase 3: Maintaining
The objective of this phase is to maintain the plans you created in Phase 2. (Average length of phase: 1-6+ months).
Steps of Phase 3:

  • You will plan and set tasks to accomplish between coaching sessions.
  • You will identify successes and victories related to your vision for yourself.
  • You will plan for obstacles and barriers.
  • You will make informed decisions regarding what is best for you.

What Kind of Commitment is Involved?

Your Commitment

  • You will commit to engaging in the process and keeping scheduled appointments either by phone, Skype or in person (in the Nashville, Tenn. area).
  • You will commit to setting weekly goals with your coach.
  • You will commit to reporting weekly progress and challenges.
  • You will commit to a better way of life for yourself.

Your Coach’s Commitment

  • Presence. Your coach will actively listen in order to understand the challenges and possibilities of your life transition.
  • Privacy. Your coach will respect your information with privacy and discretion.
  • Agenda. Your coach will follow YOUR agenda for yourself.
  • Belief. Your coach will believe in you and the goals you set for yourself.
  • Compassion. Recognizing that this is not an easy process,
    your coach will relate to you with compassion and affirmation.
  • Vision Carrier. Your coach will uphold your vision of your best self.

What Does it Cost?

Life Coaching at Centerstone offers a free consultation for coaching services. After that, your first session is just $50. If you decide you want to continue, Life Coaching at Centerstone offers a number of service packages with pricing options related to the length of sessions, frequency of sessions, duration of the commitment and communications outside of sessions. Your coach will explain this more during the consultation.

Is Life Transitions Coaching for you? Ask yourself…

  • Am I entering a new chapter in my life?
  • Am I facing or dealing with a difficult situation?
  • Am I dreaming of a more fulfilling career, entering a new stage of life, or negotiating my changing role as a parent?
  • Am I ready to plan or make a change for more or better for my life?
  • What will happen if I do nothing different from what I’m doing now?
  • What is the cost if I do not commit to change?
  • How important is this transition to me and my quality of life?
  • Can I afford NOT to make a change?

Expected Outcomes of Life Transitions Coaching

  • Creation of a vision for a successful transition
  • Celebration of successes and victories
  • Completion of personal goals
  • Intentional honoring of your needs and values
  • Improved sense of life balance and purpose

"When I started entertaining the idea of starting my own production company – as with any major life change – fear and anxiety started to become a predominate voice in my head. Kerry help me work through the apprehension and has been instrumental in helping me turn negatives into positives; she always knows the right questions to ask. Having a life coach has been an amazing experience. I feel much more empowered and ready to move to the next stage in my career. As my journey progresses, I continue to look forward to our sessions."
– Casey C., TV producer and stylist